phone examples

At the Osteoporosis Centre, we are very willing to offer phone consultation to other health care providers.  Such a phone consultation may be useful for urgent questions or advice and may be instead of or in addition to a clinic appointment for the patient.

Examples of ideal phone consultation topics:

  1. Osteoporosis Care for patients who are physically unable to attend a clinic visit
  2. Questions about medications or medication access
  3. Initial investigations for urgent/fracturing metabolic bone patients
  4. Further medical discussion of more controversial osteoporosis management issues such as bisphosphonate “holidays”, treatment durations etc.

*** please note that our clinic does not offer pain management services pertaining to arthritis or fracture pain***  If you are seeking consultation regarding kyphoplasty for acute vertebral compression fracture, please contact the spine surgery service.

If the patient is a NEW patient, never having been seen at the osteoporosis centre, please fill out a standard referral form and indicate your wish for a phone consultation.  An administrative assistant will contact your office to arrange the date and time for phone consultation with one of the osteoporosis physicians.

If the patient is an EXISTING patient of the osteoporosis centre, you have two options:

  1. Phone the centre reception and leave a message for the patient’s osteoporosis physician
  2. Fill out the online referral form and fax it in to the centre **please indicate that the patient is an existing osteoporosis center client so that we can direct it to the appropriate doctor**