To provide full service, patient-oriented, expert osteoporosis care for the whole of Southern Alberta.


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About Dr. David Hanley

Dr. David Hanley has been “the” bone specialist in Southern Alberta for over 35 years. For much of that time, he was actually the only clinician in Southern Alberta with true expertise in metabolic bone disease. He is nationally and internationally known for his career in osteoporosis research. For many years, he was the single most outstanding researcher in the division of endocrinology in this regard.  He has already been recognized by both his peers and professional societies for his work in the field including a long-term service award from Osteoporosis Canada.

Almost every endocrinologist practicing in Southern Alberta has been trained to some degree in bone medicine by Dr. Hanley, including the current physician staff of the Osteoporosis Centre. As mentioned above, it was Dr. Hanley’s vision to create an Osteoporosis Centre that was multidisciplinary in nature with a special focus on community outreach and tertiary level clinical resources for the whole region. Indeed, the Osteoporosis Centre today continues to follow his original vision in our attempts to be more than a clinic – to be a resource for both education and care that extends across the entire southern half of the province.

We have heard from many patients now transferred to our care how much they respected and appreciated Dr. Hanley’s kind, caring, and expert approach, sometimes spanning decades of continuous follow up.

Although Dr. Hanley is now retired from clinical practice, he has set a vision and standard for the clinic that we will attempt to always maintain. We are grateful for his mentorship and direction and wish him all the best in his “next” career!